Virgilio Monti

Virgilio Monti

Double Bass

Virgilio Monti's musical journey has taken him from the halls of the Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan, Italy, to stages worldwide. Armed with a degree in double bass and guided by Maestro Cosmo, Virgilio has honed his craft through specialized courses and collaborations with esteemed ensembles and orchestras. Beyond his classical training, Virgilio's versatility shines through his work in various musical genres, including popular and light music. His rich musical background encompasses performances with chamber music ensembles, symphony orchestras, and renowned tango ensembles such as "Orquesta Tipica Guardia Cadenera" and "Orquesta Tipica Otra." As a member of Sonder Tango Orchestra, Virgilio's mastery of the double bass provides a solid foundation, adding depth and rhythm to the ensemble's evocative interpretations of Argentine tango. His contributions reflect his unwavering dedication to musical excellence and his passion for bringing diverse musical styles to life on stage.

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